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Dear friend, we welcome you to our Network.

TrainSimHobby is a virtual meeting, open to all railway fans. We focus mainly on the simulating
aspects of trains and railways, but everyone can advance his own idea!
Our goal is to build a meeting point, completely free of charge, for people who share our same hobby.
Join up the group: meet us in our Discussion Board!

We are pleased to have contacts with railway fans from all over the world, but unfortunately TSH is
made by italian people and it's mainly in Italian language. Browsing this main site shouldn't be very
difficult using the top buttons:

Forum: Discussion Board
Galleria Fotografica: Photo Gallery
Sezione Download: Add-Ons for MS Train Simulator, Kuju Railworks
Articoli: Articles
News Ferroviarie & TSH: Overall News
Staff & Contatti: Who are we & Contacts

For contents, we suggest you to use an online translator (e.g. the Google's, a very good one).
In the Discussion Board, feel free to write in English, in German, in French or in Spanish!
For any question, you can write to

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